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Secular School

Saibaba Central School is not affiliated to any religion or religious order. We do not follow, preach or teach any religion. We embrace the principles of Shirdi Saibaba in our management of the school but do not seek to indoctrinate children in any way. We do not discriminate children based on caste, race, religion, sect or creed. We strive to realise the ideal of being world-citizens while embracing the love of our own country. We also seek to inculcate an attitude of acceptance and open-mindedness in the minds of our students.

CBSE Curriculum

The School following class 1 to 8, the standards of CBSE. The medium of instruction is English for all the classes. Telugu and Hindi are taught as second and third languages respectively. A range of skills and activities conducive to harmonious and all-round development of the child’s body, mind and heart are implemented as a part of the School’s co-curriculum.

Instructional Methodology, a Holistic Approach

"Teach in such a way that the pupils are not aware that they are being taught!... Do not teach them! Make them learn!" ... Sri Babuji The School tries to evolve and adopt various learning methods distilled from a blend of the best successful educational philosophies, both traditional and modern, adapting them to the mandatory curricular framework. We do not believe in over-burdening children with tightly-packed study schedules in the form of intense training through special classes and courses given during holidays. The school advocates that children need sufficient after-school time for play, recreation and relaxation for holistic and all-round development. The parents are urged not to ‘push’ their children too hard, even if 'well-intentioned', with breathlessly tight study schedules.

Learn While Playing

The pedagogy for pre-school children is structured on the principle of 'learn while playing', 'play while learning', and the 'let knowledge grow'. By providing adequate facilities for a congenial learning environment the children are encouraged:

  • To explore the world around them through playing with toys and through peer interaction.
  • To express themselves through arts, crafts, rhymes and music
  • To widen their imagination and to develop creative learning and love of reading through story time

Towards a Green and Well-Rounded Institution

The school buildings with sustainable modern amenities have been built on a large piece of land. The School is designed with a view to provide pupils with a friendly, inviting and secure environment that stimulates learning and development.

The School campus is a well-rounded educational facility with high-tech interactive & computer-equipped classrooms, well-planned labs for various faculties & a resourceful library, a playground, a dining hall and a spacious multimedia theatre.

The School cherishes an ideological commitment to promote ecological literacy and environmental ethics. Accordingly, the School building is an environmentally friendly ‘Green School’, integrated with energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies like solar fencing, solar street lighting and rain-water harvesting. Organic farming, drip irrigation, grey water recycling for gardening, vermi-composting and bee-keeping all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet and educating the children in healthy environmental practices.

Positive Discipline

Corporal punishment is not tolerated at the school. Instead, we use Positive Behaviour Management strategies. The teachers are trained in these techniques to develop self-discipline in the children through understanding rather than through fear. We request parents to support us as we teach children responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of such actions.