Affiliation :

NO . CBSE/AFF/130528/SL-01929-1920/2019-20Dated: 19/10/2020
The Manager,
Pride International School
Karamchedu Road Perala. Chirala Mandal Prakasam Dt 523157
(M: 9059059075)
Subject : General Affiliation up to Secondary Level- regarding.
Ref : Application No. SL-01929-1920 dated 27.06.2018.
With reference to your application on the subject cited above; I am directed to convey the sanction for General Affiliation as per details given below :
Affiliation No. 130528
Affiliated for Secondary School Examination
Category Fresh Affiliation
Period of General affiliation 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2023
Year and Month From which admission can be taken in Class-IX 1 April, 2020
Year and Month in which first batch of Class-X will appear in board examinations March, 2022